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Client Services Coordination

Brain Injury Association Peterborough Region (BIAPR) serves individuals living with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) who are at a loss, turning point, stuck by a barrier, or in need of a safe place to discuss issues. Advocates can support them to work through issues and achieve results. We provide links to resources and navigators within their respective communities.

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System Navigation

When the problems raised are systemic, the advocacy moves up the line to the Central East ABI Network, who serves individuals with ABI/TBI in the Central East region.

The Central East Local Health Integrated Network (CE LHIN) allocates funds for the position of a CE ABI Network Systems Navigator, whose role is to identify resources, accessibility, and barriers for individuals with ABI/TBI. They focus on cases at a systems level where there are barriers and additional challenges for individuals with ABI.

Brain Injury Association Peterborough Region (BIAPR) actively participates on the CE ABI Network, as well as in many other community partnerships. These partnerships focus on such issues as human justice, homelessness, and food security. Collaborations with other Community Support Services help to build awareness, education and advocacy for individuals with Acquired Brain Injury, their family and caregivers, as well as the professionals who serve them.

Debra Prescott is the Central East Acquired Brain Injury Network - System Navigator and can be located at