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October News from Delta Bingo

October 2, 2017

October 2 2017 News from Delta Bingo!


Delta’s Biggest Jackpot EVER!

Golden Tickets to this event can be won every Friday at the 7:15pm bingo session. The prize board will be over $500,000 dollars with the final jackpot being $250,002! All this will take place at noon on December 31st, at our St. Clair location in Toronto. You can only attend this by winning a Golden Ticket.



Come on out for a free BBQ on Monday, October 9th from 11-1pm.


Topped Up Turbo!

Our Tap Tix machines will be dispensing ballots from October 1-27th. Collect as many as you can and bring them back on October 28th at the 7:15pm bingo session for FREE Bonanza cards! Complete one line the hard way for $2000; 2 lines the hard way for $3000; and a full card for $5000!