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Community Support Services:

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Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) / Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) who qualify through our assessment process are matched with a Client Service Coordinator (CSC). Once a person is accepted into the program, an interRAI Community Health Assessment (CHA) will be completed annually. The CSC assists the individual to address their priorities and to develop a care plan. The plan is then implemented, reviewed and assessed on a regular basis. Individuals with ABI / TBI are then assisted with skills development in planning, organizing, and completing documentation for such things as:

  • ODSP, CPP, OW, Supportive / RGI Housing, etc.
  • Assistance with links to health care services, follow-up and collaboration with primary care practitioners and other health care providers, connection to community resources, assistance with housing, and food security.

Community Support Services involves the support of assigned CSCs in each of our four counties. Each CSC is trained in brain injury and also skilled in the fields of Substance Use and Brain Injury (SUBI), Trauma Recovery, Suicide Prevention, Montessori Methods, Mental Health and Addiction Services, Case Management training, as well as certification in Therapeutic Recreation and Neurorehabilitation (OBIA / Brock University).


Call the Brain Injury Association Peterborough Region (BIAPR) and ask to speak to the Intake Coordinator at 705-741-1172. You may leave a message with the Reception or email subject line: Inquiry at