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Concussions in sports have become mainstream due to the media focus on famous athletes that have suffered serious concussions, including hockey players Sidney Crosby, Jeff Beukeboom, Eric and Brett Lindros, and football players including Troy Aikman and Brett Favre, just to name a few.

Concussions in sports can have a serious impact on an athlete’s career, ranging from missed games and seasons, to forcing early retirement.

  • There is no mandatory reporting of concussion in most sports
  • There is no mandatory concussion education / training / credentialing / certification in most sports
  • Return to play guidelines are not always followed in sports

Facts taken from Concussions Ontario - Recognition and Awareness -

Parents can take measures to help minimize the risk for their children involved in sports, including proper helmet fitting, and become aware of the signs of Concussion / mTBI.

Coaches and trainers need to be able to identify a possible Concussion / mTBI causing situation, and encourage parents to get medical attention. It is imperative that they become educated and ensure that the Return-To-Play Guidelines are followed.

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